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Homestead Funds
Fund Descriptions
Daily Income Fund
Short-Term Government Securities Fund
Short-Term Bond Fund
Value Fund
Stock Index Fund
Growth Fund
Small-Company Stock Fund
International Value Fund
Performance Updates
Share Prices
Total Returns
Manager Commentary
Fees and Expenses
Investment and Account Minimums

Prabha Carpenter, CFA

equity portfolio manager

Ms.Carpenter co-manages the Value and Small-Company Stock Funds with Peter Morris, Stuart Teach and Mark Ashton

In this section, you can learn more about Homestead Funds, including each fund’s share price, total return, objective and strategy. Also find out about portfolio holdings and read the manager’s market commentary.

Use the table below to select a fund based on your time frame and risk tolerance. Keep in mind that you may want to select a combination of funds so not all your eggs are in one basket.

If you would like assistance selecting a Homestead Fund, call one of our friendly client service associates at 1-800-258-3030.

Time Frame
Investment Types
and Their Traits
Homestead Funds


Less than one year

Money markets:

Carry lower risk, but typically also give you a lower reward

Daily Income Fund


Less than
5 years


Carry more risk than money market investments but, in turn, may deliver a higher reward

Short-Term Gov Securities Fund

Short-Term Bond Fund


5 or more years


Carry higher risk, but over long periods have delivered a higher reward

Stock Index Fund

Value Fund
Growth Fund
Small-Company Stock Fund
International Value Fund
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Investing in mutual funds involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.

Homestead Funds investment adviser, RE Advisers Corporation, and distributor, RE Investment Corporation are indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries of NRECA.

Investors are advised to consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses before investing. The prospectus contains this and other information and should be read carefully before you invest. To obtain a prospectus, call 1-800-258-3030 or download a PDF of it now.

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