Coming This December: New Website, New Login

Mutual funds typically engage a third-party to serve as their recordkeeper. That entity, known as a transfer agent, is responsible for maintaining customer data and reporting on account details. The transfer agent produces statements, tax forms and other essential records on behalf of the fund company. This entity typically also serves as the technology provider for the portion of the website behind the login, meaning it maintains the website that allows account lookup and transaction functionality.

Homestead Funds is excited to announce that we have selected Ultimus Fund Solutions to serve as our transfer agent and are in the process of migrating the company’s shareholder records and workflows to this new environment. The transition will be completed in December, in synch with the launch of a completely redesigned website, a new look and logo, and a number of improvements to our services.

We’ll post information and updates here and send an email periodically with a link to this page to keep you informed. Please take a look now and see what changes are ahead and what steps customers may need to take to have the smoothest experience possible.

See What’s New and What You’ll Need to Do (Latest update September 30, 2021)


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