FAS-106 Account – Maintenance

Co-op Account Management

How do I request a verification of assets for audit purposes?

It is common for cooperatives to need a verification of assets letter to provide to their auditors at the end of their fiscal year. Cooperatives can request a letter by submitting a written request. The request must:

  • Be signed by a Trustee on file with Homestead Funds
  • List the FAS-106 account number and Trust Tax ID number
  • Provide the address or fax number to return the letter. We are unable to email verification of asset letters.
How do I update the Trustees on our FAS-106 Account?

You can update the Trustees on your FAS-106 account by completing the FAS-106 Account Maintenance Form. All Trustees will need to sign the form, even those currently on file, because the Trustees listed will replace prior Trustees on file. Their signatures must be notarized. Trustees are authorized to make transactions and sign paperwork on behalf of the cooperative for the FAS-106 account.

How do I update cooperative information currently on file with Homestead Funds for our FAS-106 account?

You may complete the FAS-106 Account Maintenance Form to:

  • Update the main contact person on file. This main contact may be a Trustee or another individual at the cooperative. If the main contact is not a Trustee, then their access will be limited to account inquiries only.
  • Update the cooperative/organization’s street address, mailing address or phone number. We require a residential street address to be on file, but you may set a P.O. Box as your mailing address of record.
  • Update telephone transaction options. You may add or remove the ability to make purchases, exchanges or distributions by phone.
  • Add or update bank information. The Trustee’s signature must be notarized when adding or updating bank information.
  • Update the Trustees. Each Trustee must sign the form and have their signatures notarized.