FAS-106 Account – Setup

Co-op Account Management

How do we set up a FAS-106 Account?

Once your cooperative has established a FAS-106 Trust and is ready to begin investing with Homestead Funds, you will need to complete the FAS-106 Account Application to open the account.

FAS-106 Account Setup Pro Tips:
  • The account must be tied to the FAS-106 Trust Tax Identification Number.
  • Indicate that you want telephone transactions on the application. This allows any Trustee to make distributions, exchanges and purchases over the phone with us. Otherwise, all requests must be submitted in writing and signed by a Trustee. All distribution requests would also need to be submitted with an original notary using the FAS-106 Distribution Request Form.
  • All mailings will be sent to the cooperative address. You can request that Trustees receive a duplicate copy of the quarterly statement and confirmation statements by completing that section of the application.
  • Provide cooperative-owned bank account information on the form to expedite FAS-106 transactions.