Co-op Partnership

Made by Co-ops for Co-ops

Homestead Funds was originally created by NRECA to meet the investing needs of America’s rural electric cooperatives.

Since 1990, Homestead has partnered with co-ops like yours, all around the country. We work with co-op leaders and administrators to find ways to strengthen the co-op’s financial position, while also helping employees – and their families – with financial education and sound investment options.

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Why Do Co-Ops Trust Homestead?
Support for Your Mission

Every cooperative writes its own story. But all co-ops are looking for ways to strengthen their finances and have a positive impact in their community. We work with co-op professionals every day to understand their challenges and find ways to address them using simple, low-cost mutual funds that are available to your employees and their family and friends.

Support for Your Employees

As a cooperative benefit professional, you know a lot about the financial health of your co-op’s employees and their families. We get it: You want to go above and beyond everyday benefits to help. So we’ve worked with co-op administrators to help them support their co-op neighbors with everyday financial issues.

For example, some employees — in fact many Americans — don’t have adequate emergency savings. Others may not know the basic investment concepts that support good financial decisions. We provide tools and creative ideas that you can share with your employees to help them stay on course.

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