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Your co-op probably already offers benefits like retirement and health care plans. What if you had more tools to help co-op employees and their families improve their financial health?

For example — retirement plan assets are earmarked for one specific future goal and can’t be easily tapped for everyday financial needs. So where does that leave employees who want to get started with an emergency savings plan? Or save money for the down payment on a house or car?

You can become a super-resource for your team by pointing them to the resources Homestead has designed for the co-op community. Over decades of collaboration, we’ve learned how to help co-op benefit administrators address common employee challenges using simple, low-cost investments and good communication. If your goal is to help make co-op employees and their families financially stronger and more resilient, we have tools to help.

  • Get Them Off on the Right Foot.  Use the new-hire orientation information sheet that we’ve developed with input from co-op benefits professionals. 
  • Help Them “Pay Themselves First.”  Co-op employees have told us that it’s easier to save when the money is taken from their paycheck before they see it. We can help you set up a payroll deduction program and encourage your team to take advantage of this proven savings technique. Get started with this overview and setup instructions.
  • Setting the Course. While employees can open and contribute to an account at any time during the year, open enrollment is a good opportunity to help them set the course for their financial future.
  • Educate and Motivate.  Tell us what your employees need to hear! We’ve helped our cooperatives create a broad range of educational materials, from posters to webinars to presentations. Contact us to discuss your team’s needs; there are many ways we can help.
  • Options for Every Situation. Homestead tries to keep investing simple, but we still offer funds and account types to meet all kinds of employee needs, from emergency accounts to supplemental retirement accounts to accounts for a grandchild’s education.
  • Ask a Question.  Contact our client service representatives when you need answers or ideas.
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