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Homestead Funds will be paying year-end income and/or capital gain distributions on December 18, 2019. We are providing you with information regarding the expected distribution dates and estimated rates for your planning purposes.

Horizons Newsletter

2019 Q4 Homestead Horizons

In this issue, we take a deep dive into saving. We take a look at the extreme frugality trend, revisit the lesser-known tax-advantaged account types available to you, and consider what your savings rate should be. If your financial life is a journey to the future, consider this your savings guidebook.

Educational Topic

Saving for Education

Next to retirement, education is the most popular savings goal. If you are investing to pay for tuition, consider accounts that offer tax breaks. Two popular education accounts with such tax advantages are the Education Savings Account (also called a Coverdell account) and the UGMA/UTMA account (named for the Uniform Gifts to Minors and Uniform Transfers to Minors Acts). Both types of accounts provide tax benefits to help your savings grow faster. The table inside helps you compare the accounts.

Manager Commentary

2019 3Q Market Review

In the third quarter, markets delivered mixed results. Bonds outperformed stocks, in general, as global growth forecasts weakened further and trade conflicts continued. Defensive stocks, generally, outperformed more cyclical stocks.