Cooperatives: Resources and Forms

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Financial market volatility — real or anticipated — is often accompanied by a strong emotional reaction. The simple reason: You’re human.

For some things you buy, if you pay more, you get more. But paying more for a mutual fund may mean you get less. Here’s why.

Investing doesn’t require great wealth or complicated strategies. You just need to put today’s dollars—even small amounts—where time and compounding interest can help them grow.

Kara Gardner and Makia Tillman, members of Homestead Fund’s customer service team, discuss how they help cooperatives with the operational details specific to deferred compensation plans.

Certified Financial Planner ™, John Scott, discusses how he communicates with investors to be sure he has a clear understanding of their financial goals.

The financial markets exhibited higher levels of volatility as stocks reached peak levels and the Federal Reserve continued on a path to normalize interest rates. Please read the report for more on portfolio manager strategies and the impact of their decisions on fund performance.