Your Invitation to Explore the New

Welcome to the new! We are glad you have found your way to our newly updated site, and we invite you to explore how it can help you.

With this redesign, we sought to put you in the driver’s seat by organizing around your goals. In the Guidance Center, you will start by finding your most important goal, such as a down payment on a home or setting up an emergency savings account. Alternatively, you can access financial planning help based on your life stage. Are you early or late in your career?

We also expanded the resources dedicated to our partners in the rural electric cooperative community. If you’re a co-op leader or benefits administrator, you’ll want to visit this site section to see how we are helping co-ops just like yours manage balance sheet assets and encourage their employees to maintain financial fitness.

What gives us purpose as a company is helping you meet your goals. Of course, that requires talented money management and a range of investment choices. But it’s also about relationships and being able to deliver services broadly and effectively. This updated website is only one of the ways that Homestead is looking to build stronger personal relationships with investors, cooperatives and advisors. And our efforts are just beginning: later this year, we’ll be rolling out a further website enhancement that will allow us to deliver the same asset allocation and portfolio modeling help we provide in person, online.

We want the Homestead website to have all the resources you need to be comfortable and confident when making financial decisions. In addition, if you have questions about your Homestead Funds portfolio, you can always get in touch with our team of registered representatives.


Mark D. Santero
CEO, President and Director
Homestead Funds