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2021 Q3 Homestead Horizons: What Makes A Good Investor

In this issue, we look at what it means to be a good investor. We consider inflation facing families and how investing can offset those pressures, and spotlight the six things good investors do. We also share some insights on how to navigate today’s markets. It may be simpler than you expect to become an investor — and a good one at that.

Regulatory Document

Semi-Annual Report (with Fund Holdings) — June 30, 2021

How far we have come since mid-year 2020! The U.S. economy is reopening as vaccination rates climb. And while we are seeing supply chain bottlenecks and labor shortages — especially in industries strained by the pandemic — consumers are spending and major market indexes have reached fresh highs this year-to-date. Stocks as an asset class outperformed the bond market thanks to strong positive company earnings revisions driving up equity valuations across all sectors. Overall, we believe that the market remains focused on the trajectory of the economic recovery, inflation trend and yield curve.

Manager Commentary

2021 2Q Market Review — The Bumpy Road Back

Stock markets rallied higher, marking the fifth straight quarter of gains. Economic activity inched closer to normal around the country, while fiscal and monetary stimulus efforts continued to support the recovery’s momentum. Interest rates retreated from first-quarter levels as the prospect of long-term inflation eased slightly.