A History of Collaboration and Partnership

Good listening skills, a talent for collaboration and personal service are essential to an advisor’s success. At Homestead, these qualities are embedded in our corporate culture and are the main driver behind our long-term success. You might choose Homestead because:

  • You want to put your clients’ best interests first. Since its start, Homestead has remained committed to transparency, full disclosure and plain dealing — mirroring your commitment to always do what’s best for your clients.
  • You need investment products that fit a variety of situations. Our product offerings include mutual funds, institutional portfolios and separate account management.
  • You need investment options to address your clients’ needs. You can build a well-rounded, customized investment program that addresses each client’s individual goals. As needs change, you can exchange shares between funds without incurring transaction or redemption fees.
  • You want to manage risk in your clients’ portfolios. Discipline is a cornerstone of our investment approach. Our managers balance the potential for return against what they deem to be an acceptable degree of risk, reducing your clients’ potential exposure to surprises.
  • Affordability matters. Investors are sensitive to cost and need investment options that respect that concern. Homestead’s roots in pension plan management have shaped our approach to service and cost control. So we keep minimums low and are always looking for ways to drive down the cost of services.

Questions? Give us a call.

Want more information about Homestead Funds? Contact us via email, or call us at 800.258.3030, option 4, and find out how we can help you build portfolios that address your clients’ goals.