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2020 Q3: Staying Active for Good (Financial) Health — Horizons Newsletter

In this issue, our Certified Financial Planners™ share the types of changes and updates they see families making to their finances today. We also look at what it means to be an active portfolio manager and share some of the ways that we’re actively reaching out to serve you better. Last, we brought back the 2020 resolution calendar, with some tips on reestablishing some normalcy in your finances to finish out a tough year in better shape.

Regulatory Document

Semi-Annual Report (with Fund Holdings) — June 30, 2020

The first half of 2020 has been unprecedented in terms of the economic fallout resulting from noneconomic factors, specifically the COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding financial market volatility it has caused. Markets began the year on a high note, with stocks continuing their more than 10-year bull market run and interest rates still low but trending higher as the economy looked to be firmly back on a growth track following the 2008 financial crisis.

Manager Commentary

2020 2Q Market Review

Stock and bond markets were broadly positive in the second quarter. Stocks recovered substantially from first-quarter declines, though most categories of stocks remained below February peaks as of quarter-end. Bonds also posted gains as credit spreads, the difference in yields between non-government bonds and U.S. Treasuries, retreated from crisis levels.