Investors: Resources and Forms

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Understanding Mutual Fund Costs

When you’re looking for a mutual fund, your first priority should be to look for one whose goals fit yours. But you should also check how much it’s going to cost to purchase shares and to keep the account over the years.

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Deciding What To Do With Your 401k

When you leave your job or retire, you have to decide what to do with the money in your current employer’s retirement plan. You worked hard to accumulate this nest egg. It may even be your most significant financial asset. So, you want to make your decision carefully.

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Taking Your Required Minimum Distributions

Retirement is a significant milestone. After years of saving, you can finally relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Whether you’re already in retirement or fast approaching it, it’s smart to prepare for another milestone: age 70 ½. This is when you must start withdrawing money from most retirement accounts, such as Traditional Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs), including rollovers.

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Building Your Retirement Savings

Start saving for retirement early in your career to give your money a chance to grow over time. But, even if other commitments have prevented you from starting, it’s never too late to save.