Kiplinger’s Personal Finance: 5 “Unloved” Value Funds to Consider Buying Now

Homestead’s Value Fund was included on Kiplinger’s list of “unloved” value funds to consider buying now. Value strategies tended to lag growth approaches in 2017, but the magazine suggests that investors should keep value funds in their sights as periods of relative over (and under) performance rotate.

In determining funds for this list, Kiplinger’s considered Morningstar’s database of large-cap value funds (1,238 funds) and selected the top five no-load funds based on five-year average annual returns as of November 17, 2017.

Past performance does not guarantee future results. Equity funds, in general, are subject to style risk, the chance that returns on stocks within the style category in which the fund invests will trail returns of stocks representing other styles or the market overall.