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Watch Now: Q2 2021 Market Review — A Bumpy Road Back

Hear from our portfolio managers as they present their Q2 market review and outlook for the coming months. Senior portfolio managers Mauricio Agudelo and Jim Polk discuss the macroeconomic backdrop, portfolio positioning and fund performance. Read the transcript.


2021 2Q Market Review — A Bumpy Road Back

Stock markets rallied higher, marking the fifth straight quarter of gains. Economic activity inched closer to normal around the country, while fiscal and monetary stimulus efforts continued to support the recovery’s momentum. Interest rates retreated from first-quarter levels as the prospect of long-term inflation eased slightly. Read more.


Performance Summary — 2021 Q2

Our portfolio managers and analysts oversee an array of nine funds designed to accommodate a wide variety of goals, from conservative income to aggressive growth.

2021 Mid-Year Distributions

Homestead Funds paid income and/or capital gain spillback distributions on June 30, 2021. Read more.


A Closer Look at Women and Money — Horizons Newsletter

In this issue, we look at the unique circumstances that women face when they make financial choices. We offer tips and guidance for addressing these realities — advice we hope will help not just our women readers but also the fathers, husbands and friends who may also appreciate insights into the specific challenges facing women.


Watch Now: Saving for Education

Homestead representative, John Scott, discusses the different investment options available to you at Homestead Funds to save towards the education needs of the loved ones in your life. Read the transcript.


Our Perspectives: Inflation Update Mid-Year 2021

In this paper, we present our thoughts on why we are seeing a spike in inflation and view this as a temporary condition consistent with the economy’s getting back on a growth track.

Rural America Growth & Income Fund Is a MarketWatch Market Extra

Homestead Funds’ newest fund, Rural America Growth & Income Fund, made headlines on its first full day of operations, May 3, 2021. The fund was the focus of a MarketWatch article that noted especially the timing of the fund’s launch coinciding with President Biden’s plan to invest in the nation’s infrastructure, including rural broadband initiatives. […]

Media Mentions

A compilation of major financial publications’ coverage of Homestead Funds.