Our Funds

Build. Grow. Reach for Your Goals With Homestead Funds

Successful investing can help you reach your financial goals, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s a matter of choosing funds that are right for you and right for the goals you have in mind. 

Homestead’s family of ten funds covers the range of investments most people need to meet their goals. Whatever your goal, or your time of life, Homestead funds can provide the combination of safety and growth potential to help you build your own success story.

You can learn everything you need to know about our funds below. Or, if you just want to get started with a simplified investment, check out our Prebuilt Portfolios.

Finding the right mix

Sometimes you just need one fund to accomplish your goal; sometimes it makes sense to combine two or more funds. Over time, you can change your mix of funds at no charge; simply exchange one Homestead Fund for another as your needs change. Our financial planning page can help you decide what’s right for your situation.

Click on any of the funds shown to see more information, including performance history, descriptions, strategy and costs. If you would like assistance selecting a Homestead Fund, call a client services associate at 800.258.3030.