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Empowering Prosperity with Cooperative Values 

Since the mid-1930s, farms and small towns across America have relied on locally owned rural electric cooperatives to provide the electricity they needed to prosper. It was this spirit of independence and teamwork that formed the soil from which Homestead Funds was born.

In 1990, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) created Homestead Funds to provide co-ops and their employees with sensible options for saving and investing their money. Over time, Homestead has grown beyond these roots by offering affordable mutual funds to help meet a variety of financial goals.

While our funds are open to all investors, we continue to embrace the values of the cooperative community. Investing for a better future is a lifelong enterprise, one that builds resiliency for your family. Our role is to provide the investments and support that can enhance your family’s long-term security — whether you are just starting out or are already retired.

Just like those original cooperatives, our focus is your prosperity — not just our profits. We don’t charge sales commissions, and we work to keep fees to a minimum. Through our parent organization, NRECA, we also support programs that benefit the communities and people we serve.

From humble beginnings, Homestead has grown to $2.8 billion in assets under management as of 6/30/21, working with cooperatives, individuals and advisors. Simplicity, service and a commitment to ethics have powered our growth, and we believe they can be the engine of your prosperity too.

30+ Years Investing

10 No-load mutual funds

$2.8 billion in assets as of 6/30/21

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RE Advisers Corporation, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, serves as investment advisor to nine of the available funds and is the administrator for the entire Homestead Funds family. RE Advisers Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of RE Investment Corporation, a limited purpose broker-dealer that functions solely as the distributor and principal underwriter for Homestead Funds. RE Investment Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of NRECA United, Inc., a holding company organized by NRECA.