• Welcoming Investors, Big and Small

    Homestead Funds’ low account minimums and transparent pricing structure (no loads, no transaction fees) make it easy to get started.
  • The Value of Client-Focused Guidance

    We’re here when investors find it hard to stay the course. Perhaps emotions are clouding your decisions or you need help setting expectations for future outcomes.
  • Right at Home in the Co-Operative Community

    Our capabilities extend beyond retail investment options. Cooperatives also look to us for help with corporate, trust and deferred compensation plan accounts.

Latest News & Commentary

  • Kiplinger’s Personal Finance: 25 Favorite No-Load Mutual Funds

    Homestead’s Small-Company Stock Fund was again included on Kiplinger’s list of the magazine’s favorite actively managed no-load mutual funds. The fund has been named to the list every year since 2012. The editors at Kiplinger’s favor funds run by tenured managers who take a long view and have proved themselves by having solid long-term records. […]

    Talking to Yourself About Money — Horizons Quarterly Newsletter

    Money stories are a powerful force behind our money habits. These stories are the internal dialogue behind our financial decisions. Without realizing it, they insert themselves into our thinking. They may be good stories or bad, and they may be true or untrue, but these stories shape our perspectives on wealth, status and self-worth.

  • Our Logo

    The symmetrical shape of our logo suggests a quilt pattern, evoking the familial values we share with our community. See how our logo tells the story of our heritage.

    2017 Estimated Mid-Year Distributions

    Three Homestead Funds will be paying income and/or capital gain spillback distributions at the end of June. A spillback distribution represents ordinary income and/or capital gain from the previous fiscal year that was not distributed by the end of that year.

  • Performance Summary — 1Q 2017

    Our portfolio managers and analysts oversee an array of eight funds designed to accommodate a wide variety of goals, from conservative income to aggressive growth. View the funds’ most recent quarterly performance.

    Status of Fiduciary Regulation

    The Department of Labor’s Conflict of Interest Rule is set to become effective on June 9, 2017. Homestead Funds’ CEO explains what this means for our investors.

  • Avoiding the Pitfalls of Emotional Investing

    Our emotions can sabotage our good intentions when it comes to making investment decisions. CFP® Raymond Scott offers tips for taking the emotions out of your financial actions.

    Planning for the Knowns and Unknowns of Retirement

    We sat down with two of our financial planners to talk through the tools and services most important for managing accounts in retirement.

  • Amid Extremes, Where to Next? — Horizons Quarterly Newsletter

    Stocks have been setting new record highs and the U.S. stock market has been trending up for eight years, the second-longest period on record. But interest rates are poised for further hikes, and global politics seem loaded with event risk. Where to from here? Is there room for more gains, or are the risks piling […]

    Market Review 1st Quarter 2017

    Broad U.S. equity market indexes rose in the first quarter, touching record highs before pulling back slightly at quarter-end..

Investing Basics

  • Compound Interest

    Investing doesn’t require great wealth or complicated strategies. You just need to put today’s dollars – even small amounts – where time and compounding interest can help them grow.

  • Investing Affordably

    For some things you buy, if you pay more, you get more. But paying more for a mutual fund may mean you get less. Here's why.

  • Managing Volatility

    Financial market volatility – real or anticipated – is often accompanied by a strong emotional reaction. The simple reason: you’re human.

Homestead Funds was created in 1990 to give National Rural Electric Cooperative Association members a convenient way to obtain professional and affordable money management. The funds are also open to investors outside of the cooperative community.

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