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Market Review 4th Quarter 2017

Amid a backdrop of solid economic numbers and rising hopes for enactment of tax reform, stocks enjoyed substantial gains during the fourth quarter.

Market Review 3rd Quarter 2017

Stock markets continued to rally in the third quarter. Signs of broad-based global growth supported stocks, and company reports of sales and earnings were generally better than expected.

Market Review 2nd Quarter 2017

Stock markets continued their upward trajectory in the second quarter. Shares rallied on strong earnings reports and seemed unfazed by increasing political uncertainty, which clouds the outlook for tax reform and other pro-growth initiatives.

Market Review 1st Quarter 2017

Broad U.S. equity market indexes rose in the first quarter, touching record highs before pulling back slightly at quarter-end.

Market Review 4th Quarter 2016

U.S. election results propelled markets forward in the fourth quarter, presumably driven by the outlook for pro-business policy changes.

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