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Market Review 3rd Quarter 2016

Data on the economy points to a generally positive backdrop. U.S. GDP continued to expand, gaining some steam in the quarter.

Attribution Analysis 3rd Quarter 2016, Small-Company Stock Fund

Stock selection was the primary reason for the fund’s below-index results in the third quarter.

Market Review 2nd Quarter 2016

Global growth remains muted, though the U.S. economy is leading the world in stability these days. Anxieties are high, but many broad measures of health in the U.S. economy are actually very good.

Investment Insights, May 2016

Throughout this issue, we take a closer look at volatility: what it measures, what factors are likely contributing to the higher levels seen in the second half of 2015 and so far in 2016, and how our portfolio managers assess the situation.

Market Review 4th Quarter 2015

The fourth quarter delivered generally positive news on the state of the macro economy, though not without setbacks.

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