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Market Review 4th Quarter 2015

The fourth quarter delivered generally positive news on the state of the macro economy, though not without setbacks.

Market Review 3rd Quarter 2015

In contrast to the downbeat finish to the quarter, three key metrics indicate to us that the U.S... economy is showing significant improvements in several critical areas.

Market Review 2nd Quarter 2015

For U.S. stocks, the bulls continued to lumber through the second quarter, largely insulated from Greek volatility. However, all eyes remain fixed on the Fed’s anticipated future rate hike.

Investment Insights, Issue One 2015

This issue explores some of our thinking concerning the combined impact of the oil price decline with further downward pressure on interest rates.

Market Review 4th Quarter 2014

While most of 2014 was relatively calm, the sharp drop in oil prices and a one-day “flash crash” in the Treasury market in October offered investors a somewhat wilder ride at year-end than they had experienced earlier.

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