Planning Resources

Homestead is here to provide guidance and support to make your investment journey simple and straightforward. Our client service process is tailored toward understanding your situation, identifying goals and helping you create a plan.

What We Offer


Utilize our in-house financial tool set and work directly with investment professionals.


Take advantage of comprehensive investment resources and get help from our representatives along the way.


Pull from a wide range of in-house solutions to create highly personalized portfolio strategies.

The Planning Process

You can choose to work directly with our team or utilize our digital tools to create your portfolio along the way.

Timing and Risk Tolerance

Target how much time you need to accomplish goals and determine the level of risk you are comfortable with.

Set Up

Select the account types and funding options that are appropriate for you.


Use our manager commentary, performance updates and website to review and manage your accounts.

Ongoing Assistance

We offer a range of resources to help answer your questions and provide support and guidance.

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