Co-op Management

Supporting Your Members and Your Mission

Established by NRECA, Homestead is a firm that has made serving the investment needs of cooperatives and their employees its prime directive.

How We Help Cooperatives

We are here to support your mission by providing investment solutions, tools and resources that can help foster the long-term success of your cooperative.

Stay Prepared
Make money decisions easier and carry out plans to help grow assets and support financial needs.
Care for Communities
Support those around you by funding scholarship and community initiatives.
Attract and Retain Employees
Recruit and reward leadership through compensation plans and supplemental benefits.
Engage and Educate Employees
Build solid financial foundations by educating individuals and sponsoring savings programs.

How We Help Employees

We also strive to ensure your members and employees are given every opportunity to thrive inside and outside of your organization through:


Give employees resources created and curated by Homestead to make them more informed investors.


Help employees and their families weather emergencies through preparation and support.


Take full advantage of Homestead’s comprehensive guidance center and planning services


Offer soon-to-be and current retirees welfare benefit plans to help counter rising health care costs.


Offer a wide range of individual account types, including IRAs, Educational Savings Accounts, UGMA/UTMAs and Trusts.

Why Partner With Us?

We have a long history of working with cooperatives and understand your specific needs and challenges.

Cooperative Origins, Future-Focused

Since 1990, we have partnered with cooperatives of all sizes, offering comprehensive group and individual solutions to ensure your organization and its members achieve all of their financial goals while being educated and supported along the way.

Clarity Within Complexity

We are here to make money decisions easier and to help solve financial problems, providing clear information, regular communication and a wide array of self-help tools.

Profits Returned to NRECA

The investment manager for Homestead Funds, RE Advisers, returns its profit to NRECA. This additional source of revenue is available to support member needs and initiatives.

Partner With Us

Cooperative Solutions

Our selection of funds and range of programs provide what you need to create a financial and investment infrastructure for your cooperative and its employees.

Mutual Funds Overview

A History of Value and Partnership

We go into every partnership knowing that we have to look at what makes the cooperative unique, so we can develop a custom plan that creates the most beneficial outcome. We have worked with hundreds of cooperatives with a goal of delivering consistently high-quality results.

The Co-op Account Management Resource Center

Homestead is committed to an informational support structure that gives cooperative management access to resources, forms and FAQs that keep you on track.

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