• Welcoming Investors, Big and Small

    Homestead Funds’ low account minimums and transparent pricing structure (no loads, no transaction fees) make it easy to get started.
  • We’re Part of the Family

    Choosing a partner to help you establish a financial plan doesn’t have to be complicated. Homestead Funds is part of the family and contributes in many ways just as cooperatives do.
  • Our Story Started With You

    Homestead Funds was founded to help cooperatives and their employees, and that’s exactly what we still do today.

Latest News & Commentary

  • 2019 Economic Outlook: A Focus on Rural America

    Authors examine a number of issues of particular importance to rural electric co-ops, considering the economic implications for communities and the broader U.S. economy and market.

    Market Review 4th Quarter 2018

    Investors faced two things in the final quarter of 2018: excellent economic reports, and sharply plunging stock markets. Recent activity has been strongly positive, but in the fourth quarter, there was a shock to the outlook for the months ahead.

  • How to Improve Your Saving This Year

    Many of us have heard the “10% rule” when it comes to savings: put away 10% of your income, and you’ll be in good shape. But is that enough?

    Performance Summary — 4Q 2018

    Our portfolio managers and analysts oversee an array of eight funds designed to accommodate a wide variety of goals, from conservative income to aggressive growth. View the funds’ most recent quarterly performance.

  • A Saver’s Guidebook

    In this issue of our shareholder newsletter, Horizons, we take a deep dive into saving. We take a look at the extreme frugality trend, revisit the lesser-known tax-advantaged account types available to you and consider what your savings rate should be. If your financial life is a journey to the future, consider this your savings […]

    How to Match Your Investments to Your Goals

    Your financial life is on your terms, but what if you don’t know where to start, especially in a world with literally thousands of mutual funds and other investment choices?

Investing Basics

  • Compound Interest

    Investing doesn’t require great wealth or complicated strategies. You just need to put today’s dollars – even small amounts – where time and compounding interest can help them grow.

  • Investing Affordably

    For some things you buy, if you pay more, you get more. But paying more for a mutual fund may mean you get less. Here's why.

  • Managing Volatility

    Financial market volatility – real or anticipated – is often accompanied by a strong emotional reaction. The simple reason: you’re human.

Homestead Funds was created in 1990 to give National Rural Electric Cooperative Association members a convenient way to obtain professional and affordable money management. The funds are also open to investors outside of the cooperative community.

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