• Welcoming Investors, Big and Small

    Homestead Funds’ low account minimums and transparent pricing structure (no loads, no transaction fees) make it easy to get started.
  • We’re Part of the Family

    Choosing a partner to help you establish a financial plan doesn’t have to be complicated. Homestead Funds is part of the family and contributes in many ways just as cooperatives do.
  • Our Story Started With You

    Homestead Funds was founded to help cooperatives and their employees, and that’s exactly what we still do today.

Latest News & Commentary

  • Performance Summary — 1Q 2019

    Our portfolio managers and analysts oversee an array of eight funds designed to accommodate a wide variety of goals, from conservative income to aggressive growth. View the funds’ most recent quarterly performance.

    2019 Economic Outlook: A Focus on Rural America

    Authors examine a number of issues of particular importance to rural electric co-ops, considering the economic implications for communities and the broader U.S. economy and market.

  • Get Ready, Get Set: What It Means to Be Financially Ready

    In this issue, we look at what it means to be financially ready and how to get there. We look at two very different budgeting approaches and offer some of the benchmarks to aim for. Also, we include a worksheet that you can use to grade your own readiness and see where there’s room for […]

    Market Review 4th Quarter 2018

    Investors faced two things in the final quarter of 2018: excellent economic reports, and sharply plunging stock markets. Recent activity has been strongly positive, but in the fourth quarter, there was a shock to the outlook for the months ahead.

  • How to Improve Your Saving This Year

    Many of us have heard the “10% rule” when it comes to savings: put away 10% of your income, and you’ll be in good shape. But is that enough?

    How to Match Your Investments to Your Goals

    Your financial life is on your terms, but what if you don’t know where to start, especially in a world with literally thousands of mutual funds and other investment choices?

Investing Basics

  • Compound Interest

    Investing doesn’t require great wealth or complicated strategies. You just need to put today’s dollars – even small amounts – where time and compounding interest can help them grow.

  • Investing Affordably

    For some things you buy, if you pay more, you get more. But paying more for a mutual fund may mean you get less. Here's why.

  • Managing Volatility

    Financial market volatility – real or anticipated – is often accompanied by a strong emotional reaction. The simple reason: you’re human.

Homestead Funds was created in 1990 to give National Rural Electric Cooperative Association members a convenient way to obtain professional and affordable money management. The funds are also open to investors outside of the cooperative community.

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