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You’re not a greenhorn when it comes to money, but you don’t live on Wall Street either. Wouldn’t it be better to invest with a firm that understands the value of keeping things simple?  

Homestead Funds was created in 1990 by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) to serve the financial needs of rural electric cooperatives, their employees and their families. But while Homestead has grown up around co-op values — integrity, self-reliance and long-term relationships — our funds are available to all investors and advisors.

Decisions about money can be challenging. We seek to simplify them. With the education and guidance we offer, you can use our nine diversified mutual funds to design an intelligent, clear-cut strategy to meet your goals.

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Weathering the Storm — Horizons Newsletter

Flip through these pages to learn a few important and actionable ways to deal with what’s happening in the markets and in the economy. We offer a close look at how stock markets rebound after lows — and what the cost is to investors who miss out. We share stats on how the environment has affected American spending and investing, and tips on how to shockproof your own finances.

2020 1Q Market Review

Stock markets peaked around the third week of February, at which point it was clear that the global spread of the coronavirus had reached a tipping point. The bad news came in rapid succession, driving the S&P 500 Index to fall about 30% before recovering modestly.

Performance Summary — 2020 Q1

Our portfolio managers and analysts oversee an array of nine funds designed to accommodate a wide variety of goals, from conservative income to aggressive growth. View the funds’ most recent quarterly performance.

Tips on Navigating Market Volatility (03/20/2020)

The sharp rise and sudden fall of the market can feel like sailing in rough seas, and staying the course with your savings plan may feel like your financial goals are at risk. You may be thinking, should I sell all my investments? Is it too late?

IRAs: A Flexible Tool for Life’s Goals

IRAs can be used for many purposes. Setting up an IRA account can be a flexible way to plan for the future.

Barron’s: The Best Mutual Funds You’ve Never Heard Of

Homestead’s Value Fund was one of five funds acknowledged for its “terrific track record and thoughtful, skilled managers.”