A New Website for Deferred Compensation Plan Administrators

Now there’s one place to go to access plan documents, participant balances and other plan-level information.

We’re excited to welcome deferred compensation plan administrators to a new client portal that provides fast access to plan information and a place to store your plan documents. It’s also a convenient way to communicate directly with our consultants — you can send your question through the portal.

The customer portal reflects our commitment to growing this line of business through service enhancements and technology upgrades. It follows the rollout of improved transaction functionality for deferred compensation plan participants (2021) and the integration of NRECA’s deferred compensation services within Homestead Funds (2022).

We began issuing login credentials to co-op plan administrators beginning June 12. We expect the rollout will take six-to-eight weeks. Your cooperative’s non-qualified deferred compensation plan contacts will be sent information and login instructions automatically as we roll this out region-by-region.

Plan administrators who have log-in credentials can access the new site from the Co-op Management section of the website. Email us at deferredcomp@homesteadfunds.com if you have any questions about the portal or when you can expect to receive information to log in.