Rural America Growth & Income Fund Closing

As described in the supplement to the Prospectus, the Homestead Funds Board of Directors (the “Board”), based upon the recommendation of Homestead Advisers Corp. (the “Adviser”), has determined that it is in the best interest of our shareholders to liquidate and terminate the Homestead Rural America Growth & Income Fund (“Fund”). The Adviser’s recommendation was based on the small amount of assets in the Fund and the Adviser’s assessment that the Fund cannot continue its operations in an economically viable manner. We appreciate the liquidation and termination of the Fund may come as a surprise and we regret the need to terminate the Fund.

The information below will guide you as to what actions you, depending on the nature of your account, will need to take in your account to prepare for this change. Our representatives are available to guide you and answer any questions you may have.

Important Resources

Homestead Funds Phone Number:  800.258.3030

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  • Option 2 for fund guidance

Homestead Funds Website:

  • Click Log In in the upper right corner to access your account online
  • Go to for instructions on changing an existing Asset Allocation Model

Shareholders may wish to consult with their tax advisor about their particular situation.

Actions Needed

The Fund will stop accepting purchases after April 30, 2024 and will fully liquidate its holdings on the close of business on June 12, 2024. Please read the notice below that pertains to your account and follow the instructions for your situation.

Accounts with an Asset Allocation Model

Accounts without an Asset Allocation Model

Deferred Compensation Accounts